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Cream and Ice Cream



from Ilaria

Beat the yolks well with sugar and lemon rind. Put the container in a water bath and stir until thickening. Remove the cream from the water bath, ...


Gogol drink

Quick Gogol drink - chosen suggestions and suggestions. Overview of our recipes subsection for easy Gogol drink – excellent treats with original images of cook13.com. All aspects from the world of culinary arts for easy Gogol drink in one place. Easy Gogol drink suggestions chosen from local and world cooking!
Gogol drink - Healthy Energy Drink with Coffee and Honey

Healthy Energy Drink with Coffee and Honey

from Marina

Combine the milk with the coffee and stir. Pour the mixture into a blender and add the honey, cinnamon, raspberries and powdered cocoa. Beat eve...

Gogol drink - Refreshing Drink with Mint

Refreshing Drink with Mint

from Martina

Blend the ice with the mint leaves and mix the with the juices. ...

Gogol drink - Dairy Cocktail

Dairy Cocktail

from Malinka

Peel the banana and cut it into pieces. Add the remaining products and beat with a mixer or blender. Let it cool and serve as a refreshing drink or...

Gogol drink - Milk Shake

Milk Shake

from Mary

The apples are peeled and cleaned. Add the other ingredients. Shake well and drink immediately. It darkens if you leave it out too long. ...

Gogol drink - Italian Lemonade
Alcoholic Drinks

Italian Lemonade

from Illaria

Combine the ingredients listed. Chop a lemon into slices, add it in and leave the mixture overnight. The next day, strain the drink pour it into gl...

Gogol drink - Vodka Martini

Vodka Martini

from Jenny

In a shaker, or mixing glass put some ice cubes, add vodka and vermouth and stir vigorously. The finished drink is served with a piece of lemon pe...

Gogol drink - Grog


from Tin

Bring the mixture of wine, brandy, cinnamon and pepper to a boil. Remove it, add hot tea, sugar and lemon juice to taste. Serve the hot drink in g...

Gogol drink - Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

from Efrosiya

The ice cream is poured into a conical long drink glass. Carefully pour the coffee on it. Garnish with a cap of cream and grate dark chocolate...

Gogol drink - Homemade Mint Drink
Alcoholic Drinks

Homemade Mint Drink

from Oleg Ivanov

In the spirits, dissolve the mint oil or concentrated mint flavoring. Stir until diluted with distilled water, about 8 1/3 cups (2 liters) and add sug...

Gogol drink - Hot Tea Punch

Hot Tea Punch

from Gerry

In a teapot, pour the ready tea, add the white wine and syrups and heat to almost boiling point. Remove it from the fire and add the lemon and ora...

Gogol drink - Dietetic Pie with Semolina

Dietetic Pie with Semolina

from A.Borisova

Beat the eggs very well and add the oil, soft drink, baking powder and essence while stirring. Add the flour, wheat bran and semolina. Mix everyth...

Gogol drink - Vietnamese Tea

Vietnamese Tea

from Rally

Cool and slightly sweetened tea is poured into glasses with a few pieces of ice. The diced fruit is sprinkled with rum and left to stand for a sho...

Gogol drink - Smoothie


from Oleg Ivanov

Cut the bananas and mix together with the coconut milk, raspberries, honey and scraped vanilla grains, put them in a blender and blend them until ever...

Gogol drink - Summer fruit drink

Summer fruit drink

from Danny Mollova

Mix orange juice and apricot. All other fruits (except bananas) are cut into thin slices and mixed in a deep bowl. Then cover it with foil and put...

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Quick Gogol drink - dishes along with tips for regular application. Simple Gogol drink all in one place. Rank Gogol drink using stars above the words. Recipes, healthy cooking, dieting, healthy living suggestions. Enjoy your experience with our recipes and suggestions on Easy Gogol drink.