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Orange Mystery Cake
Layer Cakes

Orange Mystery Cake


from violina

Beat the butter into foam with the powdered sugar. Add 3 eggs one at a time. Add the flour. Divide the mixture into 2 portions. In one, put 2 tabl...



    Powdered sugar Desserts

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    Powdered sugar Desserts - Super Fancy Wedding Cake
    Layer Cakes

    Super Fancy Wedding Cake

    from A. Borisova

    For the layers, beat the egg yolks with the sugar to a smooth cream in a container in a water bath on the stove. Be sure to beat on low heat and once ...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Irish Pancakes

    Irish Pancakes

    from Stanislava

    Dilute the flour and milk in a deep pot. Add the already beaten eggs, butter, spices and sugar. Stir well and add the rum. From the resulting ...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Melted Chocolate Cream
    Cream and Ice Cream

    Melted Chocolate Cream

    from Ilaria

    Crumble the chocolate and put it in a water bath to melt with 2/3 cup (150 ml) cream, while stirring constantly. Once homogenized, remove from the fir...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Pleven-Style Fritters
    Bakery Goods

    Pleven-Style Fritters

    from Dorina

    Beat the eggs with the yoghurt, add the flour, baking soda and a little salt to them, while stirring constantly. Take spoonfuls of the dough mixtu...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Cake with Vegetable Oil

    Cake with Vegetable Oil

    from Krisito

    Beat the egg with the sugar very well, then while stirring continuously, add the vegetable oil, the flour sifted with the baking powder, milk, the coc...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Strained Yoghurt with Fruits
    Cream and Ice Cream

    Strained Yoghurt with Fruits

    from Roro

    Soak the gelatin in the water to swell, and then melt it gently without warming it too much. Put the milk in a food processor and yoghurt and 1 cup (2...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Hungarian Lángos with Potatoes
    Bakery Goods

    Hungarian Lángos with Potatoes

    from Adeline

    Dissolve the yeast in 2/5 cup (100 ml) of milk and then let it bubble. Puree the boiled potatoes and mix them with the flour. Make a well and add the ...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Cake with Pears

    Cake with Pears

    from Alex

    Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Combine the egg yolks with half the powdered sugar, oil, milk, flour and baking powder. Beat the ingredients v...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Jelly Yoghurt
    Cream and Ice Cream

    Jelly Yoghurt

    from A. Borisova

    Put the gelatin to soak in the amount of water written on the packaging. Meanwhile, beat the cream and both yoghurts with the sugar until completely m...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Honey and Apricot Cake

    Honey and Apricot Cake

    from Valena

    Beat the butter, sugar and honey in a bowl into a creamy mixture. Add the eggs one at a time while continuously whipping. Gradually add the sifted flo...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Walnut Roll with Cream

    Walnut Roll with Cream

    from Ilaria

    Beat the eggs with the sugar and add the flour, baking powder, salt, 2-3 tablespoons finely ground walnuts and cocoa while stirring. Put the mixture i...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Jelly Yoghurt with Raspberry Jam
    Cream and Ice Cream

    Jelly Yoghurt with Raspberry Jam

    from Rossini

    Beat the yoghurt with the cream cheese well. Add the powdered sugar, cream, vanilla and beat well once again. Add the already swollen, melted and ...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Easy Cupcakes without Baking
    Other Desserts

    Easy Cupcakes without Baking

    from Fifi

    In a food processor or blender, combine the hazelnuts, ground biscuits, figs, cinnamon and sugar. Blend until you get a smooth mixture. Scoop from it ...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Blueberry Tart

    Blueberry Tart

    from Efrosia

    Preheat the oven to {180 °C} and grease a tray. Sift the flour and knead it with the butter, water and a pinch of salt. Cover it and put it in the fri...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Linzer Dough
    Bakery Goods

    Linzer Dough

    from Valena

    Sift the flour and powdered sugar. Add the egg yolks, butter and lemon peels. Gradually knead a smooth dough. Wrap it in transparent plastic wrap a...

    Powdered sugar Desserts - Roll with Cherries

    Roll with Cherries

    from Barfi

    For the layer, beat the eggs with the sugar into a fluffy cream and add the sifted flour and vanilla. Stir gently with a wooden spoon or spatula. Put ...