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Sunshine Pickled Grapes and Pears

Sunshine Pickled Grapes and Pears


from rosit

Cut the cleaned vegetables and fruits into bite-sized pieces, leaving the grapes whole. Prepare compote jars, fill them with the fruits and vegetables...


Pickled Recipes

    Pickled Celery Recipes

    Pickled Celery Recipes - prime selection of tips for Pickled Celery, with pictures as well as reviews. Here you will find the latest recipes for Pickled Celery Recipes.
    Pickled Celery Recipes - Sour Tomato Pickle

    Sour Tomato Pickle

    from Mariana

    Wash the tomatoes and pierce them in several spots with a large needle. Pack them tightly in jars, placing sour cherry or quince leaves, garlic cloves...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Green Tomatoes with Garlic

    Green Tomatoes with Garlic

    from Gogo

    Choose tomatoes with of a similar size and color. Remove the stems and wash them well. Arrange them along with the spices in jars and pour on a bri...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Bell Peppers with Garlic

    Bell Peppers with Garlic

    from Pepi

    Cut the bell peppers into pieces and clean out the seeds. Peel the celery and cut it into strips. Cut the carrots into round slices. Rip up the cau...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Grated Salad

    Grated Salad

    from Nincheto

    Grate the carrots, cabbage, celery and cauliflower. Chop the peppers, tomatoes and celery leaves finely. Combine all the products for the brine and...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Homemade King's Pickle

    Homemade King's Pickle

    from Biserka Toncheva

    Wash all the vegetables and cut them if desired. Prepare the pickle in glass jars. The quantities listed for the brine are for 1 jar. Begin arrangi...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Autumn Salad with Cabbage

    Autumn Salad with Cabbage

    from Anonymous

    Cut the tomatoes into slices. Cut the bell peppers into pieces and the carrots – into circles. Cut the cabbage as for a salad. Pour a boiling brine of...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Pickles without Boiling

    Pickles without Boiling

    from Fat Bertha

    Chop the cabbage and the other vegetables into pieces. Arrange tightly in a jar, alternating between them and pour in 3 tablespoons sugar and salt, 2/...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Pickles in a Three Liter Jar

    Pickles in a Three Liter Jar

    from Oleg Ivanov

    Wash and clean the vegetables. Cut the stems of the peppers off with the seeds and pierce with a thick needle in 2 spots. Cut the carrots into rin...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Grandma’s Pickles

    Grandma’s Pickles

    from Gogo

    For this pickle, you can choose the amount and type of vegetables entirely based on your taste and preferences. Wash and dry all the vegetables, leave...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Mixed Pickles with Vinegar

    Mixed Pickles with Vinegar

    from Efrosia

    Cut all the vegetables into pieces, the cabbage into strips. Chop all of the celery. Arrange the vegetables in the jars in layers and press well w...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Pickled Bell Peppers, Carrots and Cauliflower

    Pickled Bell Peppers, Carrots and Cauliflower

    from Tin

    Pack each jar full of bell peppers, that have been cut into pieces, the carrots into rings, the cauliflower into florets and the celery into small pie...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Village-Style Pickles

    Village-Style Pickles

    from Fat Bertha

    Choose healthy vegetables of the desired quantity and type. Clean them well. Cut the cabbage into slices, pierce the gherkins all over. Cut the other ...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Royal Pickles

    Royal Pickles

    from Nina

    Wash, clean and cut all the vegetables, sprinkle them with salt and sugar and leave to stand for 24 hours. Mix the drained juice with the vinegar and ...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Parboiled Pickle

    Parboiled Pickle

    from Fat Bertha

    Wash all the vegetables. Cut the stems of the peppers low and prick the seed part in several places with a thick needle. Peel the celery and cut it in...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Quick Colorful Pickle

    Quick Colorful Pickle

    from stefoli

    Wash all the vegetables, clean and cut them to your liking. You can leave the smaller ones whole. At the bottom of the jar, put all the marinade produ...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Colorful Pickle

    Colorful Pickle

    from Efrosia

    Clean and cut all the vegetables into pieces, or rings in advance. Shred the cauliflower into florets. For 1 compote jar, the proportions are as follo...

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