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Marinated Apricots

Marinated Apricots


from Marin

Prepare a marinade by pouring the water over the sugar, boiling 2 min., filtering and adding the vinegar. Put the cinnamon and cloves in clean, dry...


Pickled Recipes

    Pickled Celery Recipes

    Pickled Celery Recipes - prime selection of tips for Pickled Celery, with pictures as well as reviews. Here you will find the latest recipes for Pickled Celery Recipes.
    Pickled Celery Recipes - Green Tomatoes with Garlic

    Green Tomatoes with Garlic

    from Gogo

    Choose tomatoes with of a similar size and color. Remove the stems and wash them well. Arrange them along with the spices in jars and pour on a bri...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Roasted Chili Peppers with Garlic and Dill

    Roasted Chili Peppers with Garlic and Dill

    from tania

    Cut off the stems of the chili peppers and roast them. Combine all the products for the marinade and boil it 10 min. Start arranging the chili pepp...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Marinated Peppers in Jars

    Marinated Peppers in Jars

    from Ani Ivanova

    Prepare a marinade from the products, put it to boil in a deep pot. Wash the peppers and pierce them all over. Drop them in several at a time in th...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Bell Peppers with Garlic

    Bell Peppers with Garlic

    from Pepi

    Cut the bell peppers into pieces and clean out the seeds. Peel the celery and cut it into strips. Cut the carrots into round slices. Rip up the cau...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Ketchup with Honey

    Ketchup with Honey

    from Kiro

    Peel and grind the tomatoes. Put the resulting juice on the stove to thicken and before you remove it from the heat, add the spices. Pour into jars...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Grated Salad

    Grated Salad

    from Nincheto

    Grate the carrots, cabbage, celery and cauliflower. Chop the peppers, tomatoes and celery leaves finely. Combine all the products for the brine and...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Homemade King's Pickle

    Homemade King's Pickle

    from Biserka Toncheva

    Wash all the vegetables and cut them if desired. Prepare the pickle in glass jars. The quantities listed for the brine are for 1 jar. Begin arrangi...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Tomato Sauce in Jars

    Tomato Sauce in Jars

    from Efrosia

    Sterilize the jars in boiling water and turn them upside down on a clean towel. Blanch 4.5 lb (2 kg) of tomatoes in boiling salted water. Drain and al...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Fried Eggplants in Jars

    Fried Eggplants in Jars

    from Oleg Ivanov

    There are no quantities specified, because it depends on the number of jars you intend to fill. Cut the cleaned eggplants into slices lengthwise and s...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Canned Vine Leaves

    Canned Vine Leaves

    from Fifi

    This type of preserve is usually made in the spring. Wash the leaves, dry them a bit and arrange them into 4 piles of 10 leaves. Roll them up into...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Pickled Beetroot with Horseradish

    Pickled Beetroot with Horseradish

    from Fat Bertha

    Put the cleaned and washed beets with their crusts whole to boil until soft. Then drain, peel and cut them into slices, grate the horseradishes on a g...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Roasted Red Peppers in Jars

    Roasted Red Peppers in Jars

    from Sania

    Do not wash the peppers, instead wipe them thoroughly with a slightly damp cloth. Bake them in a pepper roaster and arrange them tightly in jars, plac...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Fried Eggplant Pickle

    Fried Eggplant Pickle

    from Fifi

    Peel the eggplants and cut them into 1/2″ (1 cm) thick slices. Salt them well and leave them for 1 hour to drain out their bitterness. Then rinse, dry...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Dried Peppers

    Dried Peppers

    from Fat Bertha

    Clean the red peppers, remove the stems and seeds, without ruining the wholeness of the peppers. Thread them on a string of natural fibers and tie ...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Coarsely Ground Chutney with Eggplants

    Coarsely Ground Chutney with Eggplants

    from Milko

    Bake the peppers and eggplants and peel them. Grind them coarsely in a meat grinder and mix them with tomato paste. You can use it ready-made, or mash...

    Pickled Celery Recipes - Green Plum Pickle

    Green Plum Pickle

    from Milko

    Wash and dry the plums well. In each jar, put in 1 tablespoon salt, and 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar, vinegar, 2-3 cloves of garlic, a few black pepper and...

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