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Quick Garash Cake
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Quick Garash Cake


from Zazu

Beat the butter with the powdered sugar and add the egg yolks one at a time while stirring. Add the cocoa, mix and set aside half of this mixture for ...



Cake Garash

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Cake Garash - Garash Cake with Caramelized Sugar
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Garash Cake with Caramelized Sugar

from Ilaria

Beat the egg whites and powdered sugar to whitening, without foaming. Add the ground walnuts and flour. Divide the mixture into 5 equal portions, then...

Cake Garash - Chocolate Garash Cake
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Chocolate Garash Cake

from mari14

Soft butter is beaten along with sugar. Add egg yolks and cocoa, mixed in hot water with the cream and rum. Of this mixture, collect 1 cup and keep it...

Cake Garash - Garash Cake with Dairy Cream
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Garash Cake with Dairy Cream

from A.Borisova

Preparation of the cake should start a day earlier, with the cream first. Combine the cream and sugar in a pan on the stove to heat while stirring unt...

Cake Garash - Easy Garash Cake
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Easy Garash Cake

from Denny

Whisk the eggs on low heat with the sugar until thickened. Successively add the flour, grated walnuts, cocoa, coffee and grated lemon rind. Contin...

Cake Garash - Garash Cake with Milk Chocolate
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Garash Cake with Milk Chocolate

from Zazu

To prepare the layers, beat egg whites to snow, gradually add sugar to them. You need to get a thick and shiny texture. Finally, pour the crushed waln...

Cake Garash - Homemade Garash Cake
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Homemade Garash Cake

from Efrosiya

Beat the egg whites, gradually add 1 cup sugar and and 1/2 cup walnuts to them. Put baking foil in a baking dish, brush with oil and place on top of t...

Cake Garash - Garash Cake
Layer Cakes

Garash Cake

from Iva

For the layers: The egg whites are beaten into snow. Add sugar gradually and continue to mix until thickened. Add walnuts. Everything is mi...

Cake Garash - Easy Cake with Aspirin

Easy Cake with Aspirin

from kristina

Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites, beat the whites with a mixer until they become powdery. Add the yolks. Dissolve the aspirins in a littl...

Cake Garash - Gingerbread with Melon and Granola
Bakery Goods

Gingerbread with Melon and Granola

from Sia Ribagin

Beat the eggs with sugar and add the oil and baking powder. Gradually, stirring continuously, add the yogurt and flour. You should get cake batter. ...

Cake Garash - Easy Grape Cake

Easy Grape Cake

from Ilaria

Beat eggs with sugar and add the yogurt, baking powder and oil. After mixing well, slowly pour the flour and mix again. Pour the mixture into a gr...

Cake Garash - Chocolate Vanilla Cake
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Chocolate Vanilla Cake

from Steph

In a bowl, mix the egg yolks, sugar and flour. In a saucepan, boil fresh milk. While beating the mixture hard, slowly add the milk. You can use a blen...

Cake Garash - Salty Cake

Salty Cake

from Mary

Beat the eggs and add them to the milk, which already contains 1 tablespoon baking soda, then add mayonnaise, flour and mix well. You need to get a...

Cake Garash - Croissant Cake
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Croissant Cake

from Sania

Select croissants with fillings to your liking or not filled at all. Cut them to same sized circles and arrange them in a cake pan or tray. Pour over ...

Cake Garash - Big and Fluffy Cake

Big and Fluffy Cake

from Fat Bertha

Sift the flour with the baking soda and baking powder. Beat the eggs with the sugar very well, gradually add the oil and stir well. Pour in the ...

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