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Goose Liver

Goose Liver


from Vlado

The liver and vegetables are cut into slices, apple – into a puck. Roast with a dry skillet, the vegetables are grilled. Fpr the sauce, the wine i...



Goose Liver in Butter

Simple Goose Liver in Butter - hand picked recipes and ideas. Overview of the meals subcategory for easy Goose Liver in Butter – excellent treats with great pictures of cook13.com. All treats from the world of cooking for unique Goose Liver in Butter in one place. Quick Goose Liver in Butter recipes picked from local and global cultures!
Goose Liver in Butter - Goose with Apples and Prunes

Goose with Apples and Prunes

from Jurgen

Preheat oven to {160 °C}. Rinse the goose under cold running water. Dry it with paper and rub it inside and out with lemon. Lightly brush the inside w...

Goose Liver in Butter - Roasted Goose with Sauerkraut

Roasted Goose with Sauerkraut

from Anna Dimitrova

Clean the goose and cut it in 2, rub each half with black pepper, paprika and salt. Place each half in the oven dish with the skin facing down. Roast ...

Goose Liver in Butter - Pork Liver Pâté

Pork Liver Pâté

from Milko

Wash the liver well and remove the membranes. Cut it into pieces. Heat the butter and fry the chopped onion, garlic and mushrooms. Once tender, add th...

Goose Liver in Butter - Home Made Liver Pate

Home Made Liver Pate

from Efrosiya

Clean the liver of membranes and blood vessels, cut it into slices and boil it in lightly salted water. Grind the liver in a meat grinder with a s...

Goose Liver in Butter - Fried Lamb Liver

Fried Lamb Liver

from Milko

Clean the lamb liver and put it to boil until semi ready. Remove the liver, cut it into thin slices and save the broth. Roll pieces of liver in salt, ...

Goose Liver in Butter - Fried Liver with Spices

Fried Liver with Spices

from Efrosia

Remove liver’s membranes, wash and cut it into pieces. Then sprinkle it with a little baking soda and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Next, wash and dry i...

Goose Liver in Butter - Steamed Liver

Steamed Liver

from Didi

The liver is washed, trimmed of membranes and large veins and washed again with cold water. Blot dry, and cut it into thin slices or strips. Fry o...

Goose Liver in Butter - Oven Baked Liver with Butter

Oven Baked Liver with Butter

from Barti

Clean the liver. Heat oil in a large pan and put onions that are chopped large in to fry. Once slightly softened, add the liver and stir until it chan...

Goose Liver in Butter - Foie Gras Naturel (Natural Goose Liver)

Foie Gras Naturel (Natural Goose Liver)

from Efrosia

Soak the organ in advance for 10-12 hours in cold water, then drain and dry it thoroughly. With a sharp knife, cut off all the membranes. Then pla...

Goose Liver in Butter - Beef Liver with Red Wine Sauce

Beef Liver with Red Wine Sauce

from Helen

Cut the beef liver into thin, oblong or wide pieces, add salt and fry it in butter, leaving it juicy (rare) and remove it. In the same oil, add the fl...

Goose Liver in Butter - Liver with Mushrooms

Liver with Mushrooms

from Milko

Sauté the coarsely chopped onion in butter, add sliced mushrooms and lemon juice. Sauté until the mushrooms remain in oil only. Fry the chopped li...

Goose Liver in Butter - Oven Roasted Liver

Oven Roasted Liver

from Bai Stavry

Wash the liver well. Spike it with halved garlic cloves and bay leaf and place it in a small bowl. Pour the wine over it to cover the liver. Let it co...

Goose Liver in Butter - Miller’s Liver

Miller’s Liver

from Veljko

The onions are cut coarsely and stewed, add liver, cut into bite sized pieces and add roasted peppers. Season with pepper, salt and savory. When t...

Goose Liver in Butter - Liver Soup

Liver Soup

from Galina

Wash well and boil the knuckle. In the broth, add root soup, spices and stripped liver. Once the liver is cooked, strain the broth. Strain well an...

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