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Homemade Honey Buns
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Homemade Honey Buns


from anonymous

Beat the eggs with sugar and honey. Add the remaining products and mix a dough. Then mash with your hands, so add flour to produce a smooth and fi...



Homemade Honey Buns

Simple Homemade Honey Buns - selected treats and suggestions. Overview of the dishes subcategory for quick Homemade Honey Buns – unique suggestions with great pictures from cook13.com. All treats of the universe of cooking for easy Homemade Honey Buns in a single website. Quick Homemade Honey Buns treats picked from national and global cultures!
Homemade Honey Buns - Fried Buns with Feta Cheese

Fried Buns with Feta Cheese

from Efrosia

Crumble the feta cheese and mix it alternately with the eggs, milk, paprika and salt. Gradually, mix in flour with the blend. Scoop the thin batte...

Homemade Honey Buns - Easy Homemade Cheese Buns

Easy Homemade Cheese Buns

from Sania

Dissolve the baking soda in yogurt, start stirring once it becomes effervescent and add the flour, salt and cheese to it. Mix well and knead the dough...

Homemade Honey Buns - Homemade Chocolate Spread with Hazelnuts
Other Desserts

Homemade Chocolate Spread with Hazelnuts

from Sania

Soak the hazelnuts overnight in water, but not in the refrigerator. Then drain them well and put them in the blender. Add melted chocolate or cocoa...

Homemade Honey Buns - Homemade Chocolate without Sugar and Milk
Cream and Ice Cream

Homemade Chocolate without Sugar and Milk

from Chokoladka

Top the cashews with a little water to cover them and blend them well. Melt the butter and add it to the coconut milk, cocoa butter, cardamom and hone...

Homemade Honey Buns - Homemade Biscuits with Oatmeal

Homemade Biscuits with Oatmeal

from Blondie

Mix the oatmeal, brown sugar, wheat germ, coconut, seeds, raisins and powdered dry milk in a deep bowl. In a separate container, combine the water,...

Homemade Honey Buns - Homemade Halva with Nuts
Other Desserts

Homemade Halva with Nuts

from Dinko

Mix 1 cup of water with honey and sugar in a pan, put it on the stove and stir until you get a thick syrup. Beat the egg whites until you get a foam. ...

Homemade Honey Buns - Beer Buns

Beer Buns

from Barfi

Sift the flour with the baking powder, make a well in the middle and start to knead with the butter by hand. Add the sugar, salt, gradually pour in th...

Homemade Honey Buns - Fried Buns
Bakery Goods

Fried Buns

from Tamara

Mix the items, the dough is allowed to rest for 15-20 minutes. Spoon the dough into heated oil and fry the buns. ...

Homemade Honey Buns - Buns with Feta Cheese and Olive Oil

Buns with Feta Cheese and Olive Oil

from preslav

The yeast and sugar are dissolved in warm milk. The dish is covered and allowed to stand for 10-15 minutes until it activates. In a well in the si...

Homemade Honey Buns - Cheap and Quick Buns

Cheap and Quick Buns

from Gabriela

Of all the products, make dough and quench the soda in yoghurt and add to it the other ingredients. From the dough, shape small buns. Put them in ...

Homemade Honey Buns - Indian Fried Cigar Buns
Bakery Goods

Indian Fried Cigar Buns

from Sirma

Sift the flour and baking powder. Add the soft butter (best to have low GI), and a little water. Knead smooth dough. On a floured surface, make id...

Homemade Honey Buns - Honey Pancakes

Honey Pancakes

from Ilaria

Beat the eggs with the honey. Dilute with milk, add salt, cinnamon, baking powder and flour gradually. If necessary, add a little more flour until you...

Homemade Honey Buns - Dairy Buns

Dairy Buns

from Efrosia

Mix the dry products in a large bowl. Add the water, butter and 1 egg. Mix a dough with a mixer for 6-7 minutes - you need to get a soft and slightly ...

Homemade Honey Buns - Buns with Cream Cheese

Buns with Cream Cheese

from Efrosia

Mix all the ingredients except the flour until homogeneous. Gradually begin to knead it, add the flour and knead until you get a soft dough. Shape...

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