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Walnuts are the fruit of the Walnut tree. Walnuts are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. Benefits of walnuts.


Types of Walnuts

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  • Types of Walnuts - Salty Goodies with PearsCooking Ideas

    Salty Goodies with Pears


    Fruits are more often seen as dessert, but a great many of them can be combined with salty dishes as well, something that has long been established in world cuisine. Take a look at some options for salty goodies with pears.

  • Types of Walnuts - Breakfast with nutsUseful Advice

    Breakfast with nuts


    Nuts are a useful start to the day, as they provide the brain with energy throughout the day. In this respect, hazelnuts and walnuts are very suitable.

  • Types of Walnuts - How to Cook WheatCooking Ideas

    How to Cook Wheat


    Wheat grains are widespread all over the globe. Here's a few recipes for cooking wheat.

  • Types of Walnuts - How to Make Homemade Chocolate with NutsCooking Ideas

    How to Make Homemade Chocolate with Nuts


    If you love chocolate with nuts, you can prepare it at home. This way you will avoid the dangerous oils and sweeteners, which are used in most store-bought cocoa products.

  • Types of Walnuts - Get Rid of your Irritating Cough with GeraniumHealth Tips & Advice

    Get Rid of your Irritating Cough with Geranium


    Geranium is one of the herbs most commonly recommended as a treatment for a dry and stubborn cough. You can make a syrup from the herb or an infusion. The remedies for cough using geranium are several.

  • Types of Walnuts - Fresh Salads with ArugulaCooking Ideas

    Fresh Salads with Arugula


    Arugula can be used to make various types of salad - in combination with lettuce, tomatoes, spinach and others. The first recipe is for salad with arugula and parmesan.

  • Types of Walnuts - What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?Cooking Tips & Tricks

    What Do you Know about Swiss Cuisine?


    Swiss cuisine has been highly influenced by French, German and Italian culinary traditions but also possesses its own unique dishes and cooking recipes. Baked goods are a real delicacy in Swiss cuisine.

  • Types of Walnuts - Culinary Use of TrufflesCooking Tips & Tricks

    Culinary Use of Truffles


    In combination with eggs, meat and some types of cheeses, they transform the meal into a true high-class banquet. Truffles are cut very finely and used to sprinkle many different types of dishes - ones with meat, fish, vegetables.

  • Types of Walnuts - Desserts with Cottage CheeseCooking Ideas

    Desserts with Cottage Cheese


    Curd is beneficial and tasty, it is suitable not only for savory food, but also for desserts. The first dessert on offer contains fruit.

  • Types of Walnuts - Culinary Use of StiltonCooking Tips & Tricks

    Culinary Use of Stilton


    If crumbled and added to cream soups, Stilton cheese transforms them into exquisite culinary masterpieces. Stilton provides a spicier taste to cream of broccoli soup and converts plain old cream of potato soup into a gourmet specialty.

  • Types of Walnuts - Preparation of Desserts without BakingCooking Ideas

    Preparation of Desserts without Baking


    Often because of the main dish, we ignore dessert, for there is simply not enough time. Biscuit cake is a classic dessert requiring no baking.

  • Types of Walnuts - Eight Products to Eat Every DayUseful Advice

    Eight Products to Eat Every Day


    In order to be healthier longer and to charge your body with vitally needed substances, you will need to consume the following 8 products. First on their list is spinach. It is no wonder that the French call it a broom for the stomach .

  • Types of Walnuts - Light and Tasty Winter DessertsCooking Ideas

    Light and Tasty Winter Desserts


    A light and gentle dessert however is a real treat for the soul, that's why we will offer you a few recipes for light sweets, appropriate for the winter months, which will not upset your already overburdened stomach.

  • Types of Walnuts - Salty Treats with Cream CheeseCooking Ideas

    Salty Treats with Cream Cheese


    We have decided to reveal to you a few different recipes with cream cheese - all of them will be salty. We have chosen appetizers, salty treats, muffins and eclairs.

  • Types of Walnuts - Culinary Use of Blue CheeseCooking Ideas

    Culinary Use of Blue Cheese


    Blue cheeses are served with different kinds of fruits, with freshly-baked bread and with wine. But a blue cheese, no matter its type, can be added to salads, dishes, hors d'oeuvres and main courses.

  • Types of Walnuts - Health properties of walnutsUseful Advice

    Health properties of walnuts


    Walnuts - good for the mind and the nervous system. Walnuts help fight cancer. Eating a handful of walnuts every day is an easy way to increase the nutritional value of our daily diet.

  • Types of Walnuts - Ideas for Vegetable Cakes and PastriesCooking Ideas

    Ideas for Vegetable Cakes and Pastries


    That we are fasting does not mean that you should completely give up sweet delights. You just have to prepare meatless desserts.

  • Types of Walnuts - The Most Popular Specialties from Moroccan CuisineCooking Ideas

    The Most Popular Specialties from Moroccan Cuisine


    Along the coastline of Morocco, fish and seafood are immensely popular - succulent tiger prawns fried with spices and white wine or squid in spicy chermoula sauce.

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